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The current version of the CaesarJ Development Tools (CJDT) plugin is 0.10.0. It is tested on Eclipse 3.7. The latest version of the plugin can be always retrieved from the update site http://caesarj.org/updatesite/latest.

The current plugin version is not tested on older versions of Eclipse. If you are still using older version of Eclipse, you may need to install an older version of the plugin. For example, CJDT 0.9.0 is tested on Eclipse 3.4, CJDT 0.8.7 on Eclipse 3.2.x, and CJDT 0.8.5 on Eclipse 3.1.x.

Please read our release notes and license before the installation. You can either get the compiler and our Eclipse plugin via Eclipse update, or you can get the command-line compiler via conventional download.

Download Compiler and Eclipse Plugin

Binaries for J2ME

If you want to compile CaesarJ programs for mobile devices you have to use modified CaesarJ binaries instead of the ones installed by the plugin. The binaries available for download at:


For more information contact the authors of CaesarJ.

Command-Line Compiler Downloads